Established in Montreal, Canada in 2014, EscapeTracks started as a creative way for Kyle Sassi, a high school student at the time to express his taste and selection for music that eventually transformed into the largest R&B music curation network in the digital space. Accumulating nearly 1M followers throughout all social medias, EscapeTracks is now the largest and leading R&B brand in the space. EscapeTracks consists of a small team who’s very passionate about not only R&B, but continuously creating and delivering content in the digital music space. By late 2017, EscapeTracks is now based in Toronto, Ontario.


By mid 2018, EscapeTracks launched a podcast/radio show named EscapeTracks Radio. Consisting of weekly R&B radio shows lasting 1 hour, hosted by the founder and curator of EscapeTracks, Kyle Sassi. This radio show is available on all streaming and podcast platforms and accumulates well over 100,000 streams per episode. EscapeTracks Radio is amongst the leading R&B podcast/radio shows to date.



We focus on striving forward by continuously creating new and fresh content as well as ideas in the R&B space. Ideas and concepts that haven’t been seen or done as of yet and making a significant impact on the music industry as a whole. Building a community that not only is very open-minded to new and different music, but bringing more ears to the genre and culture is the most important aspect. A community that replaces hate with constructive criticism, views with engagement, a comment with replies. EscapeTracks is not just a music channel, but a community of engaged listeners and a curator that deeply cares about the artists, music selection and creative direction.